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[3] Instead, a tower-like wooden construction was erected around the building site, in the midst of which the marble blocks were raised by a system of pulleys, ropes and capstans; these were powered by a large workforce of men and possibly also draught animals, spread out on the ground. “Sublime Histories, Exceptional Viewers. “Riflessi della propaganda politica e della strategia militare sui rilievi della Colonna di Traiano.” Colloquio italo-romeno. VI, 15: 343-56. Hello Select your address Best Sellers Today's Deals New Releases Electronics Books Customer Service Gift Ideas Home Computers Gift Cards Sell “Les barbares sur la colonne Trajane.” Les Dossiers de l’Archéologie 17: 65-87. Check out our colonne trajane selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. Bucharest. Smith, eds., Modus Operandi. 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[35] Based on Cichorius's work, and on the photographic archive of the German Archaeological Institute, a research-oriented Web-based viewer for Trajan's Column was created at the German-language image database. A Study of the Monuments in Brief. Salmon, E.T. White G.L. Attributed to Achille Etna Michallon. 2002. “Ein Dakerdenkmal Domitians. Sale Date: November 8, 2019. 63. Berlin and Leipzig. Carte Postale Ancienne St Germain en Laye (S et O) Le Château La Colonne Trajane and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at AbeBooks.com. See especially S. Dillon, “Women on the Columns of Trajan and Marcus Aurelius and the Visual Language of Roman Victory.” 246-262. For a better look, you may open a few examples below. Macquarie University. 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Untersuchungen zu den Dakerkriegen Trajans: Studien zur Geschichte des mittleren und unteren Donauraumes in der Hohen Kaiserzeit. “Foro di Traiano” Preesistenze – Il problema del Mons.” ArchCl 41: 199-214. “Tantis viribus. Percier, P. 1787. Rome: Giacomo de Rossi (original volume online). The photo gallery here reproduces the engravings made for the last two-thirds of the book: “Les Bas-Reliefs de la Colonne Trajane” (from page 61). The Colonized Apostle. 3 vols. Florescu, F.B. [1], The interior of Trajan's Column is hollow: entered by a small doorway at one side of the base, a spiral stair of 185 steps gives access to the platform above, having offered the visitor in antiquity a view over the surrounding Trajan's forum; 43 window slits illuminate the ascent. See Coarelli et al. “Technique, Toil, and Triumph on the Danube in Trajan’s Propaganda Programme.” The Antiquaries Journal 58: 81-7. 2 vols. “Konzept, Struktur und narrative Methode der Bildprogrammatik römischer Triumphsäulen. Greek coins650 B.C. Colonne Trajane à Rome, 1819 Sale Date: July 9, 2020. Étude des dimensions de la colonne Trajane. Becatti, G. 1960. Sprawdź tłumaczenia 'Colonne Trajane' na język Polski. The shaft of 17 drums stands on a square base and a torus, and is topped by a Doric capital, and a balcony formed by the top surface of the abacus. “Note sulle guerre Daciche di Traiano: reditus del 102 e itus del 105.” Rheinisches Museum für Philologie. Davies, G.A.T. 218. Lectures on Trajan’s Column. Richter, D. 2004. Colonne Trajane. Rome. If the weather is cold, ... Détail du chapiteau de la colonne Trajane dessiné par Piranesi. Contributi allo studio del monumento nel XVII secolo.” Rivista dell’Istituto Nazionale d’Archeologia e Storia dell’Arte. 1967. “Roman Footwear.”  In J.L. I Fasti Ostienses. To see the animation, open media:Trajans-Column-lower-animated.svg.It should run in any modern browser or viewer. Strobel, K. 1984. “The Column of Trajan and its Heirs: Helical Tales, Ambiguous Trails.” in Visual Narratives. Download PDF: Sorry, we are unable to provide the full text but you may find it at the following location(s): http://www.persee.fr/docAsPDF/... (external link) 1724, 1749): the last, largest and most magnificent of the imperial fora, built by Trajan with the assistance of the Greek architect Apollodorus, and dedicated, at least in part, about 113 A.D. (Cass. 51. Neue Folge, 122:173-84. Die Traianssäule in Rom : Dokumentation eines Krieges in Farbe. 192: 123-74. Rome. Rossi, L. 1971. Bianchi Bandinelli, R. 1978. Courbaud, E. 1899. Reproduces at large scale the original … Coulston, J.C. 1988. La colonne Trajane is a must-see and must-read for all those interested in Roman sculpture and Roman history. (J.C. Gieben) 389-424. Condurachi, E. 1982. Krierer, K.R. Aufsteig und Niedergang der römischen Welt 12 : 579 – 606 . Claridge, A. Attributed to James Anderson. Examples can be studied at: Additionally, individual casts of the frieze are on display in various museums, for example, in the Museum for Ancient Navigation in Mainz. Studiată din punct de vedere archeologic, geografic și artistic. Roma. 1: Die Reichsprägung zur Zeit des Trajan. Leipzig. (Routledge) 106-37. Roma: 281-294. The Language of Images in Roman Art. Marinescu-Nicolajsen, L. 1999. Les forums romains étaient le centre du pouvoir de Rome, du temps de l'Antiquité. Cambridge. Del Monte, M., P. Aussett, R.A. Lefèvre 1998. “Dacian Fortifications on Trajan’s Column.” The Antiquaries Journal 51: 30-5. (9.5 x 24cm.) C. de … Arioli, K.A. 81-92. London. ... Symboles de la Ville \u00E9ternelle, le Colis\u00E9e, le Panth\u00E9on et la colonne Trajane ont surv\u00E9cu \u00E0 vingt si\u00E8cles de pillages et d\'invasions. La Colonne torse et le décor en hélice dans l’art antique. La Rocca, E. 2004. 387-413. “Overcoming the Barbarian: Depictions of Rome’s Enemies in Trajanic Monumental Art.” In L. De Blois, ed. “Dakische und sarmatische Waffen auf den Reliefs der Trajanssäule.” JKSW 60: 7-34. "ROME COLONNE TRAJANE. Date. Richmond I.A., and M. Hassall 1982. 1673. 1667. Rome. 1907-1908. Ferri, S. 1940. Completed in AD 113, the freestanding column is most famous for its spiral bas relief, … The most up to date information on most aspects of Roman artillery can be found in the editor’s new book Roman Imperial Artillery (order form below). Restauration des monuments antiques. A.D. 40–80. Roma. Un chapiteau à feuillages et volutes date de la Renaissance. ... 30 Wilhelm Froehner, La Colonne Trajane d'après le surmoulage exécuté à Rome en 1861-1862, reproduite en phototypographie par Gustave Arosa (Paris, Rothschild, 1872-1874), and Terres Cuites d’Asie Mineure (Paris, H. Hoffmann, 1881). Neubearbeitung un Ausstattung von Dzur, E. A. P. Voorburg. As it was meant to be read from below, the bottom letters are slightly smaller than the top letters, to give proper perspective. It contains an extensive bibliography. Packer, J. E. 1994. Die Reliefs der Traianssäule, Text volumes II and III. Dzur, E.A.P. Charles, M.B. La scultura romana da Augusto a Constantino (vol. Poulter, A.G. 1986. III, 15: 1103-50. (1999) Building Trajan's Column. Belloni, G.G. London. 1980. Nash, E. 1961-1962. Wilson Jones, M. 1993.“One Hundred Feet and a Spiral Stair: Designing Trajan’s Column.”  Journal of Roman Archaeology 6: 23-38. Powered by Pinboard Theme by One Designs and WordPress, The history, archaeology and iconography of the monument. Permalink. Bonn. Verona. [Evidence for the dedication date of the Column]. Bartoli, P.S. 1821-1822. Cambridge. “Trajan’s Conquest of Dacia.”  Transactions and Proceedings of the American Philological Association 67: 83-105. Strong, E. 1926. Coulston, J.C. 2003. Base de la Colonne Trajane. La colonne Trajane est une colonne commémorative construite en 113 ap. 29-40. Roma. Catalog. n. 8, 248 and 249. More Details Cite This Item Image ID 1621518. Sources : La Colonne Représentant les différent épisodes des deux guerres contre les Daces Conclusion La statue Trajan vs St-Pierre Que cherche a faire l'artiste ? [23] The quality of the craftsmanship was such that the staircase is practically even, and the joints between the huge blocks still fit accurately. ... Elle est située entre la place centrale du forum, dont elle ferme le côté nord, et la colonne Trajane. The typeface Trajan, designed in 1989 by Carol Twombly, uses letter forms based on this inscription, working from the research of Edward Catich. Travel and geography in the Roman Empire. Leipzig. 2: 356-9. Retorica, memoria, immagini. Stucchi, S. 1965. Simoncini, G. 1988. [The first serious critique of the views and conclusions of Cichorius]. La colonne de Trajan était une nouveauté dans l’art antique. 1931. “Il ‘mons’ e la colonna Traiana.” Extract from Atti dell’Accademia di Archeologia, Lettere e Belle Arti  di Napoli 26. Rites of the State Religion in Roman Art. “Sulla iscrizione della Colonna Traiana.” Rendiconti della Reale Accademia dei Lincei, Classe di Scienze Morali 15: 575-88. Rome. A Description of the Trajan Column. 101-34. La basilique Ulpia (Basilica Ulpia) est une basilique civile construite à Rome entre 107, date du triomphe de Trajan pour ses victoires en Dacie, et 112 ap. Becatti, G. 1982. Packer, James E. 01/01/1998. [21] The column proper, that is the shaft without the pedestal, the statue and its base, is 29.76 metres (97.64 feet) high, a number which almost corresponds to 100 Roman feet; beginning slightly above the bottom of the base, the helical staircase inside measures a mere 8 cm (3 in) less. Wetteren. Paris. The Forum of Trajan in Rome: A Study of the Monuments. The Representation and Perception of Roman Imperial Power: Proceedings of the Third Workshop of the International Network Impact of Empire (Roman Empire, c. 200 B.C. Malacrino, eds. Wickhoff, F. 1900. Export a citation. “Stories One might Tell of Roman Art : Reading Trajan’s Column and the Tiberius Cup.” In J. Elsner, ed. Contributi per una ricostruzione storica e architettonica.” Archeologica Classica 41: 27-292. B. Hutin (French, 1726–after 1786) Artist: After François Boucher (French, Paris 1703–1770 Paris) Artist: Title page made by Gabriel Huquier (French, Orléans 1695–1772 Paris) Trajan's Column, especially its helical stairway design, exerted a considerable influence on subsequent Roman architecture. The problem is that much of the published evidence in books or journals is only available in specialist libraries. 2000. "; daarnaast titel in het Italiaans; middenonder: "25"; Zuil van Trajanus Maffei, S. 1995. 89 For a recent discussion see Daicoviciu, H., ‘ Osservazioni intorno alla colonna Traiana ’, Dacia 3 (1959), 311 –28; Turcan-Deleani, M., ‘ Les monuments répresentés sur la colonne Trajane ’, Mélanges d'arch. 3. After a century of acid pollution, they are now more legible in some details than the original, and the way they are displayed offers students a closer look at the reliefs than at the original site. “Trajan’s Column Documentary Value from a Forestry Viewpoint.” Dacia 29: 81-98. Date Created: 18th century; Physical Dimensions: 8 11/16 x 11 13/16 in. Pogorzelski, R. 2012. “Das Militär als Leitbild. Sale Date: April 20, 2010. Mehrota, A. and B. Glisic. 32–41. 2016 - Explorez le tableau « Apollodore de Damas » de Hubert Tdm, auquel 688 utilisateurs de Pinterest sont abonnés. The Dacian Stones Speak. J.-C., date de l'inauguration du forum de Trajan. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème Rome, Italie, Romain. New York. 2002. Speidel, M. 1970. — Conor WHATELY, Exercitus Moesiae. Accession_number 58.607.1 Addeddate 2014-02-26 02:16:28 Dimensions 10 1/4 x 8 3/8in. Quelques observations sur le tracé et la partition de la bande à reliefs historiés de la Colonne Trajane: 457-496 Silviu Oţa Pièces inédites de la Collection du Musée National d'Histoire de la Roumanie découvertes dans la nécropole du XIéme siècle de Vărsând-Movila dintre vii (dép.d'Arad) 497-505 Dana Mihai 2001. Gamber, O. Laurand, L. 1940. Sage and Emperor : Plutarch, Greek Intellectuals, and Roman Power in the Time of Trajan (98-117 A.D.) Leuven. “La Colonna Traiana.” FMR 23. MacKendrick, P. 1975. Columna Trajana Exhibens Historiam Utriusque Belli Dacici A Trajano Caesare Augusto Gesti. Richmond, I.A. 1859. 2006. La colonne Trajane. Guida archeologica di Roma. [JSTOR access]. 2015. Christian Responses to Roman Art and Architecture. “Trajan’s Column: Visualizing Romans and Paul as Unstable, Hybrid Figures.” In C. D. Stanley, ed. Ein Interpretationsversuch.” BonnerJahrb. Luigi Valadier, Deser di "Carlo IV, Esdre Colonnate", 1778, pietre dure, bronze, 33 x 47 x 27 cm, Madrid, Patrimonio Nacional, Palacio Real de Madrid. Saggi sulla Colonna Traiana. Froehner, W. 1865. A small piece at the bottom of the inscription has been lost. La colonne trajanne et les forums impériaux. La colonne de Trajan est un monument érigé à Rome pour célébrer la conquête de la Dacie par l’empereur Trajan: il évoque tous les moments forts de cette expansion territoriale. Lanciani, R. 1897 (reprinted 1967). Revue Belge de Philologie et d’Histoire 48 881-882. They are generated automatically and can be modified. “Struttura e linguaggio del rilievo storico romano.” La “parola” delle immagini e delle forme di scrittura. Ancient Germanic Warriors : Warrior Styles from Trajan’s Column to Icelandic Sagas. “Esplorazione del Forum Ulpium.” Notizie degli Scavi: 361-427 [topographical setting of the Column, preexisting structures in the area of the Column]. 1988. “L’expression du temps sur la Colonne Trajane.” In R. Chevallier, ed., AION, Le Temps chez les Romains: 157-182. Schnitzler, L. 1952. Publication date 1865 Usage Public Domain Mark 1.0 Topics bub_upload, Trajan's Column (Rome, Italy), Sculpture, Bas-relief, Inscriptions, Latin Publisher Paris, Typ. Abhandlungen des Archäologischen-Epigraphischen Seminars 5. Colonna Traiana. 1: 579-606. Protopopescu, V. 1998. (Symbolae Facultatis Litterarum et Philosophiae Lovaniensis. D’Amato, C. 2001. Lugli, G. 1960. Brilliant, R. 1970. 3 To date, the Société de Phototypie Arosa et Cie has received scant attention from scholars. Elle est célèbre pour le bas-relief qui s'enroule en spirale autour de son fût et commémore la victoire de l'empereur Trajan sur les Daces lors … Queen Victoria, London. Archaeology: Trajan's glorious forum. The first illustration represents the principal (southeast) side of the … “Le camp legionnaire de Sarmizegethusa.” Potaissa 2: 23-28. 153-189. Waffen und Ausrüstung. “The Column of Trajan: Narrative Technique and the Image of the Emperor.” In Philip A. Stadter and Luc Van der Stockt, eds. Rome. “Roma. La Colonne de la Grande Armée est faite à l'imitation de la colonne Trajane. Berlin. 328-336. Šubrt, J. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Large 18th Century Copper Engraving Mitras Trajan's Column, Rome c. 1750 at the best online prices at eBay! The Legacy of Antiquity: New Perspectives in the Reception of the Classical World. All the Emperor’s Men: Roman Soldiers and Barbarians on Trajan’s Column. Colloquio italo-romeno, Roma 25 ottobre 1978. Detail of the capital of Trajan's column, drawned by Piranesi. The Representation and Perception of Roman Imperial Power. Download this stock image: Drawing for La Colonne Trajane. L’architettura di Apollodoro nella cultura classica. Prise de la Colonne Trajane. Traians dakische Kriege nach den Säulenreliefs erzählt. 1994. (JSTOR e-version). Silverio, F. 1989. Calcani, G., and M. Abdulkarim. [3] To save weight, the treads had probably been carved out before either at the quarry or in situ. Thill, E.W. Public Domain. Il veut faire sentir chez le spectateur: - Le pouvoir de leur empereur - La puissance de 1982. Art and Text in Roman Culture. Notice et explication. Fabbricotti, E. 1996. 1988. Luigi (and Giuseppe?) 39-50. A complete survey in monochrome was published by the German archaeologist Conrad Cichorius between 1896 and 1900 (see Commons),[33][34] still forming the base of modern scholarship. Harries and C.J. Le plan de Rome ci-dessous est intemporel. Dates: 1821-? A total of 185 steps took the visitor from the pavement outside the pedestal up to the balcony. Weitzmann, K. 1948. Trajan’s Column and the Dacian Wars. “La colonna Traiana.” Forma Vrbis 12: 21-7. “La comparison avec le cinéma: Permet-elle de mieux comprendre la frise de la Colonne Trajane?” Römische Mitteilungen 83: 165-174. (26.1 x 21.2cm) Identifier mma_drawing_for_la_colonne_trajane_334847 Medium Red chalk Provenance Regina Shoolman Slatkin, Donor: Regina Shoolman Slatkin Rights … Some of its Principles and their Application to Early Christian Painting (English edition translated by S. A. Casale, V. 2001. New York +1 212 636 2000. Architecture and Architectural Sculpture in the Roman Empire. Plate volumes: vol I (Die Reliefs des ersten dakischen Krieges) and vol. Cambridge Scholar Publishing. 1964. “L’iscrizione della Colonna traiana.” Atti della Reale Accademia delle Scienze, Torino 43: 595-613. Poulter, A.G. 1992. Trajan ‘s Column : A New Edition of the Cichorius Plates. 1 73-102. “How to Arm a Roman Soldier.” In M.N. Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome 22. 125-146. Manolaraki , E. ( 2008 ) Political and rhetorical seascapes in Pliny's Panegyricus . La colonne Trajane by Musée du Louvre; Froehner, Wilhelm, 1834-1925; France. Catalog. “Überlegungen Zur Donaulimesdarstellung auf der Trajanssäule in Rom.” Germania 67: 179-87. Artist: After François Boucher (French, Paris 1703-1770 Paris); Date: 18th century; Medium: Red chalk; Dimensions: 8 - KNKXBM from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors. [Review in the Journal of Roman Studies]. The Senate and people of Rome [give or dedicate this] to the emperor Caesar, son of the divine Nerva, Nerva Traianus Augustus Germanicus Dacicus, pontifex maximus, in his 17th year in the office of tribune, having been acclaimed 6 times as imperator, 6 times consul, pater patriae, to demonstrate of what great height the hill [was] and place [that] was removed for such great works. Rossi, L., and J.M.C. 1989. “Conquest and Desire : Roman ‘Victoria’ in Public and Provincial Sculpture.” In S. Dillon and K. Welch, eds. Paris. L’architettura di Apollodoro nella cultura classica. Depeyrot, G. 2007. [e-access persee website]. “Looking at Gender: The Column of Trajan and Roman Historical Relief.” In Domna Stanton and Abigail Stewart, eds. … Milano. Rome. A comprehensive list of books and articles concerned with the history and topography of the Column of Trajan in Rome. Haftmann, W. 1939. London. [25] Apart from the practical advantages it offered, the design also became closely associated with imperial power, being later adopted by Trajan's successors Antoninus Pius and Marcus Aurelius. Conférence de John Scheid - Représentations sacrificielles d'après la colonne Trajane - Duration: 1:15:41. Berkeley. 1976a. “Die historischen Reliefs der römischen Kaiserzeit VIII, Der Fries der Trajanssäule in Rom, Teil 1: Der Erste Dakische Krieg, Szenen I-LXXVIII.” BJb 191: 135-197. 38: 56-62. Speidel, M. 2004. “Hadrian’s Column of Trajan?” Journal of Roman Archaeology [first page]. Paris. [Downloadable PDF]. 40: 1151-94. “La colonna di Traiano.” Rendiconti Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei fasc. 477-486. ... 17 x 21 x 10 cm - Origin: Rome - Date: circa 1780. 2 vols. Rome. This image is an animated SVG file.The animation uses SMIL.The .png preview above created by RSVG for use in Wikimedia is not animated and may be incomplete or incorrect. alexandre simon stefan, la colonne trajane. 301, pls. Rilievi fotografici eseguiti in occasione dei lavori di protezione antiaerea. Rome. Colonne Trajane is a column, observation tower and load-bearing masonry tower that was built from 1790 until 1792. Gauer, W. 1977. Title Page, from Receuil de Différents Caractères de Testes Dessinées d'Apres la Colonne Trajane (Study of Different Types of Heads Designed after the Column of Trajan) 18th century Gabriel Huquier French. It is located in Trajan's Forum, north of the Roman Forum. 1941. Oxford. Meneghini, R. 1989. “Les moulages de la Colonne Trajane à Versailles, provenant de l’Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris et antérieurs à 1800.” In La Colonna Traiana e gli Artisti Francesi da Luigi XIV a Napoleone I (exhibition catalog). Auction Closed Pensabene, P. et al. harvnb error: multiple targets (2×): CITEREFDavies1997 (, Archaeological Collection of the University of Zürich, "Introduction to the Spiral Frieze of Trajan's Column in Rome", Complete set of images of the column, with Italian text, Extensive database of images and explanations, Extensive image archive with browser and German text, Image database, index, and bibliography with English text, Description and Condition of Trajan’s Column, Boncompagni Ludovisi Decorative Art Museum, Museo Storico Nazionale dell'Arte Sanitaria, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Trajan%27s_Column&oldid=995326550, Buildings and structures completed in the 2nd century, Articles containing Italian-language text, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, + Height of shaft: 26.92 metres (88.32 feet), Typical height of drums: 1.521 metres (4.990 feet), Diameter of shaft: 3.695 metres (12.123 feet), + Height of capital: 1.16 metres (3.81 feet), = Height of column proper: 29.78 metres (97.70 feet), Height of helical part of stair: 29.68 metres (97.38 feet) (~100, + Height of pedestal, including plinth: 6.16 metres (20.21 feet), = Height of top of column above ground: 35.07 metres (115.06 feet), This page was last edited on 20 December 2020, at 12:42. 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Dall’ellenismo al Medio Evo. “Zur Forschung über die Traians-und Marcussäule von 1865 bis 1945.” Römische Geschichte und Zeitgeschichte in der deutschen und italienischen Altertumswissenschaft während des 19, und 20, Jahrunderts, II, Côme. 1997. Publication date 18th century Topics Europe, Red chalk, Metropolitan Museum of Art, France, Chalk, Drawings, 18th century. Papes, collectionneurs, \u00E9rudits, chercheurs de tr\u00E9sors, \" antiquaires \", arch\u00E9ologues, artistes et po\u00E8tes ont investi … II (Die Reliefs des zweiten dakischen Krieges). Settis, S. 2005. “La Colonna sulle monete di Traiano.” Annali dell’Istituto Italiano di Numismatica. Berkeley. ATTRIBUTED to GIOVANI & GUISEPPE VALADIER - 2 Red Breccia … Koeppel G.M. Kousser, R. 2006. 2015. Boni, G. 1907b. Blyth, P.H. It is assumed that the column drums were lifted by cranes into their place. 2000. Ann Arbor. la colonne coclide Il a été inauguré en 113, avec une spirale longue frise qui est enroulée, à partir du bas vers le haut, sur la tige entière de la colonne et décrit le guerres de Dacia (101-106), Peut-être basé sur les perdus commentaires Trajan et peut-être aussi par l'expérience directe. [24] Despite numerous earthquakes in the past, the column today leans at an angle of less than half a degree.[24]. Rome. Art Bulletin 30: 284-288 [considers the existence of pattern books — or scrolls — for the creation of the spiral frieze]. 22. 5-6. Hamburg. Princeton. Pictorial Dictionary of Ancient Rome. Paris. 1989. La colonne Trajane by Musée du Louvre; Froehner, Wilhelm, 1834-1925; France. “Pietro da Cortona e il ‘barocco’ della Colonna Traiana.” In Tra Damasco e Roma. Closing date : Tuesday 17 November 2020 from 14:00 (Paris) FAQ. “La colonne Trajane : l’Empereur et son public.” Revue Archéologique. Coulston, J.C. 1998. Politische Funktion und gruppenspezifische Wahrnehmung des Traiansforums und der Traianssäule.” Hephaistos, 7-8: 39-60. Davies, P. 1997. Coarelli, F. 1974. (Soprintendenza archeologica di Ostia). Sign in Sign up for FREE Prices and download plans