The camp’s history. French police enclosed the barracks and courtyard with barbed-wire fencing and provided guards for the camp. It later became the major transit camp. Tel : + 33 (0)1 42 77 44 72 Fax : + 33 (0)1 53 01 17 44 > 10 a.m. to 6 … Two other timelines put the events into the French and global context. 65,000 Jews were deported from Drancy, of whom 63,000 were murdered including 6,000 children. After the 1940 defeat by Germany and 10 July 1940 vote of full powers to Marshal Philippe Pétain, the Republic was abolished and Vichy France was proclaimed. It was originally conceived by the noted architects Marcel Lods and Eugène Beaudouinas as a striking, modernist urban community. Van Dam was spared upon arrival and survived for six months painting for the SS but was killed in September 1943. He was among the 1008 deportees on Transport 53 which left Drancy, on 25 March 1943, with the final destination of Sobibor. The Drancy internment camp was an assembly and detention camp for confining Jews who were later deported to the extermination camps during the German military administration of Occupied France during World War II.It was located in Drancy, a northeastern suburb of Paris, France.Between June 22, 1942, and July 31, 1944, during its use as an internment camp, 67,400 French, Polish, and German … //-->, Map of Holocaust sites, with the Drancy camp and routes by Paris, View of the accommodation block at Drancy with French gendarme on guard, The railway wagon used to carry internees to. SS officer Alois Brunner became camp commandant as part of the major stepping up at all facilities needed for mass extermination. [4] Following the Vel' d'Hiv Roundup on July 16 and 17, 1942, more than 4,900 of the 13,152 victims of the mass arrest were sent directly to the camp at Drancy before their deportation to Auschwitz. Some Drancy inmates died as hostage pawns. A new Shoah memorial museum was opened in 2012 just opposite the sculpture memorial and railway wagon by the President of France, François Hollande. Little Jewish girl asleep at Drancy, shortly before her deportation. READ MORE : Drancy has become synonymous with the movement of Jews from France to the Nazi death camps. [4], The Drancy camp was designed to hold 700 people, but at its peak held more than 7,000. In 2005, Simone Veil, honorary president of the Foundation for the Memory of the Holocaust, announced the creation in Dranc… On May, 6th 2002, the tunnel was in turn classified. The Vichy government cooperated with Nazi Germany, hunting down foreign and French Jews and turning them over to the Gestapo for transport to the Third Reich's extermination camps. google_ad_slot = "6416241264"; Operation Reinhard, Heinrich Himmler, Bełżec extermination camp, Treblinka extermination camp, Oberscharführer, Einsatzgruppen, World War II, Sobibór extermination camp, Treblinka extermination camp, Nazi Germany, World War II, Adolf Hitler, Soviet Union, The Holocaust, Germany, Drancy internment camp, Auschwitz, Pithiviers internment camp, World War II, Sobibór, Drancy internment camp, Vichy France, Righteous Among the Nations, The Holocaust, Gestapo, World War II, The Holocaust, Drancy internment camp, Righteous Among the Nations, The Holocaust in Belarus, Łódź Ghetto, Einsatzgruppen, World War II, Kraków, Warsaw Ghetto, World War II, French language, Philippe Pétain, France, French Resistance,