août sept. oct. nov. déc. Durant l’hiver, la température de l’eau frôle les 15°C. [236], Croatia and Slovenia started negotiations to define maritime borders in the Gulf of Piran in 1992 but failed to agree, resulting in a dispute. [221], During World War II, the Adriatic saw only limited naval action, starting with the Italian invasion of Albania and the joint Axis invasion of Yugoslavia. [51] During particularly cold winters, sea ice may appear in the Adriatic's shallow coastal areas, especially in the Venetian Lagoon but also in isolated shallows as far south as Tisno (south of Zadar). In the Late Oligocene, the Apennine Peninsula first formed, separating the Adriatic Basin from the rest of the Mediterranean. [201] The new kingdom included the province of Romagna, thus removing the Papal State from the Adriatic coast;[202] however, Trieste, Istria and Dalmatia were joined into a set of separate provinces of the French Empire: the Illyrian Provinces. The bulk of its food is made of endo-, meso- and epi-biontic sea organisms. In the Eocene and early Oligocene, the plate moved north and north-east, contributing to the Alpine orogeny (along with the African and Eurasian Plates' movements) via the tectonic uplift of the Dinarides and Alps. [46] The submarine springs include thermal springs, discovered offshore near the town of Izola. A stretch of beach fully equipped for dogs and their masters, who spend their holidays here. [121] The Kornati national park was established in 1980; it covers approximately 220 square kilometres (85 sq mi), including 89 islands and islets. [97] Its main biogeographic units are the Northern Adriatic, the Central Adriatic, and the Southern Adriatic. The SAG measures 150 kilometres (93 miles) in diameter. [5] Another name used in the period was Mare Dalmaticum, applied to waters off the coast of Dalmatia or Illyricum.[6]. L'Adriatique se trouve sur la plaque adriatique qui s'était séparée de l'Afrique durant le Mésozoïque. [112] The Lastovo nature park was established in 2006, and it includes 44 islands and islets, 53 square kilometres (20 sq mi) of land and 143 square kilometres (55 sq mi) of sea surface. Overexploited species include common dentex, red scorpionfish, monkfish, John Dory, blue shark, spiny dogfish,[250] mullet, red mullet, Norway lobster,[251] as well as European hake,[252] and sardines. That boundary became more consistently defined by Roman authors – early Greek sources place the boundary between the Adriatic and Ionian seas at various places ranging from adjacent to the Gulf of Venice to the southern tip of the Peloponnese, eastern shores of Sicily and western shores of Crete. Météo De Zadar à Split - {nameRegion} - Bulletin détaillé - Météo Marine à 15 jours ⛵ pour les Ports, les Zones Côtières, le Large, et les Plans d'eau en France, en Europe, et en Méditerranée ☼ - Toute l'Actualité et les Alertes Météo avec METEO CONSULT - L'assistance Météo en Direct - Prévisions Météo Marine gratuites et Abonnements Météo Marine [174][175] The Ostrogothic Kingdom ruled Italy following the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476 AD. Sediments deposited in the Adriatic Sea today generally come from the northwest coast, being carried by the Po, Reno, Adige, Brenta, Tagliamento, Piave and Soča rivers. Part I: Air–Sea Interactions and Water Mass Structure", 10.1175/1520-0485(1997)027<1492:TASGCP>2.0.CO;2, Lionello, Malanotte-Rizzoli & Boscolo 2006, "Led okovao svjetionik, u Tisnom smrznulo more", "Mediterranean climate: Background information", "Köppenova podjela klima i hrvatsko nazivlje", "Population in major towns and municipalities, 2011 census", "Population and Housing Census in Albania", "Koliko je Jadran doista opterećen antropogenim i prirodnim unosom tvari? If this movement continues, the seafloor will be completely consumed and the Adriatic Sea closed off in 50–70 million years. [63] There are also some larger cities that are located very near the coast, such as the Italian cities of Ravenna and Lecce. Part I. De la mi mai à la mi Octobre, les températures de l'eau sont au dessus de 20 degrés ce qui permet de profiter de belles journées de plage ensoleillées, de plus si le temps change un peu n'hésitez pas à vous promener dans le parc naturel du … [265], There are nineteen Adriatic Sea ports (in four different countries) that each handle more than a million tonnes of cargo per year. Retrouvez ci-dessous les moyennes de température relevées en août dans les différents pays côtiers de la mer adriatique. [171] During the 4th century AD the emperors of the Western Roman Empire had moved their official residence north from Rome to Mediolanum (now Milan) in order to be better able to control the military frontier with the Germanic tribes. Following World War I and the collapse of Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire, the eastern coast's control passed to Yugoslavia and Albania. In the Adriatic's southernmost areas the border was not determined in order to avoid prejudicing the location of the tripoint with the Albanian continental shelf border, which remains undefined. [92] There are smaller eastern Adriatic alluvial coasts—in the deltas of the Dragonja,[93] Bojana and Neretva rivers. [122] Telašćica is a nature park established on Dugi Otok in 1988. fév. [248], The countries bordering the Adriatic Sea are significant tourist destinations. [151] Air pollution in the Adriatic Basin is associated with the large industrial centres in the Po River valley and the large industrial cities along the coast. Chlorophyll a concentration data were supplied by Drs A.Tsuda, H.Saito and H.Kasai of the Hokkaido National Fisheries Research Institute. [31] The tidal movement is normally slight, usually remaining below 30 centimetres (12 in). Depuis Bellaria Igea Marina jusqu’à Cattolica, la région compte 40 kilomètres de côtes sur les 800 kilomètres de côte dans son ensemble. The 170-metre (560 ft) deep Palagruža Sill is south of the Middle Adriatic Pit, separating it from the 1,200-metre (3,900 ft) deep South Adriatic Pit and the Middle Adriatic basin from the South Adriatic Basin. [22] The Croatian islands include the largest—Cres and Krk, each covering about the same area of 405.78 square kilometres (156.67 sq mi)—and the tallest—Brač, whose peak reaches 780 metres (2,560 ft) above sea level. [194] These defeats spelled the end of an independent Hungarian kingdom, and both Croatian and Hungarian nobility chose Ferdinand I of the House of Habsburg as their new ruler, bringing the Habsburg Monarchy to the shore of the Adriatic Sea, where it would remain for nearly four hundred years. 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[123] The Bay of Mali Ston is located at the border of Croatia and Bosnia–Herzegovina, north of the Pelješac peninsula. [197], In 1648, the Holy Roman Empire lost its claim on its former Italian lands, formally ending the Kingdom of Italy; however, its only outlet on the Adriatic Sea, the Duchy of Ferrara, was already lost to the Papal States. [112] In addition, Albania is home to two Ramsar wetland reserves: Karavasta Lagoon, and Butrint. [115] The Isole Tremiti reserve has been protected since 1989, while the Tremiti islands themselves are part of the Gargano National Park. The causes are a decrease in sedimentation rate due to loss of sediment behind dams, the deliberate excavation of sand for industrial purposes, agricultural use of water, and removal of ground water.[64][65]. [47] The inflow of freshwater, representing a third of the freshwater volume flowing into the Mediterranean,[13] makes the Adriatic a dilution basin for the Mediterranean Sea. Jukić (1972, 1975) found that, in the central Adriatic channels, the Red mullet s food consists of Polychaeta, Lamellibranchiata and Crustacea.The same prey was described as the dominant food of this species by Haidar (1970) and Froglia (1988).It is also observed that the … [88] Since then, the Po delta has been prograding (expanding/extending). [294], Port of Durrës, the largest port in Albania, Port of Rijeka, the largest cargo port in Croatia, Port of Koper, the largest port in Slovenia, Port of Trieste, the largest cargo port in the Adriatic, "Adriatic" redirects here. It is divided into three basins, the northern being the shallowest and the southern being the deepest, with a maximum depth of 1,233 metres (4,045 ft). [206] The Congress of Vienna also created the Kingdom of Lombardy–Venetia which encompassed the city of Venice, the surrounding coast and a substantial hinterland, and was controlled by Austria. The Adriatic's salinity is lower than the Mediterranean's because the Adriatic collects a third of the fresh water flowing into the Mediterranean, acting as a dilution basin. [4] Mare Superum on the other hand normally encompassed both the modern Adriatic Sea and the sea off the Apennine peninsula's southern coast, as far as the Strait of Sicily. Adriatique is an electronic music producer and DJ duo from Zürich, Switzerland, consisting of Adrian Shala and Adrian Schweizer. In the Late Oligocene, the motion was reversed and the Apennine Mountains' orogeny took place. Vous souhaitez aller vous baigner en Croatie aujourd'hui ? [224], During the Cold War, the Adriatic Sea became the southernmost flank of the Iron Curtain as Italy joined NATO,[225] while the Warsaw Pact established bases in Albania. [79] In the last 600 years, fifteen tsunamis have occurred in the Adriatic Sea. La température de l'eau est comprise entre 13°C et 28°C. [288] Oil was discovered in the Northern Adriatic at a depth of approximately 5,400 metres (17,700 ft); the discovery was assessed as not viable because of its location, depth and quality. the law of the sea 4879. the baltic sea 2819. the black sea 2207. by sea 2125. [96] This is reflected in its biogeography and ecology, and particularly in the composition and properties of its ecosystems. [27] The IHO boundary places the Diapontia Islands (northwest of Corfu) in the Adriatic Sea. Implemented for the first time on October 3, 2020,[70] the barriers are made to seal off three inlets that lead to the Venetian Lagoon and counteract floods of up to ten feet; in addition to protecting the city from flooding, the barrier system is also intended to stabilize Venice's water levels so as to minimize erosion of the brick walls and, subsequently, the foundations of various buildings in the city. [204] The campaign reached its climax in the 1811 Battle of Lissa,[citation needed] and ended with British and Austrian troops seizing the coastal cities on the eastern Adriatic coast from the French. The last produces significant temperature variations between the sea and the hinterland, which leads to the creation of local jets. fév. Venice, which was originally built on islands off the coast, is most at risk due to subsidence, but the threat is present in the Po delta as well. La carte ci-dessous présente une moyenne mensuelle de la température de l'eau de la mer adriatique pour le mois de août pour plusieurs villes côtières. Boll. [45] Another significant contributor of freshwater to the Adriatic is the submarine groundwater discharge through submarine springs (Croatian: vrulja); it is estimated to comprise 29% of the total water flux into the Adriatic. The largest Adriatic seaport by annual cargo turnover is the Port of Trieste, while the Port of Split is the largest Adriatic seaport by passengers served per year. This short period is particularly important as the rivers flowing into the Adriatic discharge up to 5,700 cubic metres per second (200,000 cu ft/s). [198] The 17th century's final territorial changes were caused by the Morean or Sixth Ottoman–Venetian War, when in 1699 Venice slightly enlarged its possessions in Dalmatia. [280], Natural gas is produced through several projects, including a joint venture of the Eni and INA companies that operates two platforms—one is in Croatian waters and draws gas from six wells, and the other (which started operating in 2010) is located in Italian waters. - forum Italie - Besoin d'infos sur Italie ? The most common species are Cymodocea nodosa and Zostera noltii, while Zostera marina and Posidonia oceanica are comparatively rare. ", "Facing Water Challenges in the Po River Basin, Italy: A WWDR3 Case Study", "Technology: Venetians put barrage to the test against the Adriatic", "Venice's 1,500-year battle with the waves", "Venice's MOSE flood barriers rise for the first time", "Submerged Karst – Dead or Alive? [99] Four out of five Mediterranean seagrass species are found in the Adriatic Sea. [9][28], Exclusive economic zones in Adriatic Sea :[29], The Adriatic Sea's average depth is 259.5 metres (851 ft), and its maximum depth is 1,233 metres (4,045 ft); however, the North Adriatic basin rarely exceeds a depth of 100 metres (330 ft). [152][153], Italy and Yugoslavia established a joint commission to protect the Adriatic Sea from pollution in 1977; the organization later changed with Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro replacing Yugoslavia. [161][163] Following the repression of the revolt the Roman province of Illyricum was split into Dalmatia and Pannonia. [212], The World War I Adriatic Campaign was largely limited to blockade attempts by the Allies and the effort of the Central Powers to thwart the British, French and Italian moves. An advance began after the Last Glacial Maximum, which brought the Adriatic to a high point at about 5,500 years ago. Accédez aux moyennes saisonnières mois par mois des températures de l'eau de la mer adriatique en cliquant sur les liens ci-dessous : permet de connaître gratuitement la température de l'eau pour plus de 2000 destinations partout dans le monde en temps réel ou mois par mois avec les moyennes de saison. They first met in 2008 and have been producing and playing electronic music as Adriatique since 2009, mainly house and techno. The countries with coasts on the Adriatic are Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Italy, Montenegro and Slovenia. [83], The largest part of the eastern coast consists of carbonate rocks, while flysch (a particular type of sedimentary rock) is significantly represented in the Gulf of Trieste coast, especially along Slovenia's coast where the 80-metre (260 ft) Strunjan cliff—the highest cliff on the entire Adriatic and the only one of its type on the eastern Adriatic coast—is located,[84] on the Kvarner Gulf coast opposite Krk, and in Dalmatia north of Split. [215] In 1918, the Montenegrin national assembly voted to unite with the Kingdom of Serbia, giving the latter access to the Adriatic. However, increasing fishing prevented the migration of large schools of fish to the north. Croatia took over the area with an agreement that allowed Montenegrin presence in the bay's Croatian waters, and the dispute has become far less contentious since Montenegro's independence in 2006. The 2006 marine capture catch in Croatian waters consisted of sardines (44.8%), anchovies (31.3%), tunas (2.7%), other pelagic fish (4.8%), hake (2.4%), mullet (2.1%), other demersal fish (8.3%), crustaceans (largely lobster and Nephrops norvegicus) (0.8%), shellfish (largely oysters and mussels) (0.3%), cuttlefish (0.6%), squids (0.2%) and octopuses and other cephalopods (1.6%). Best Answer for L'adriatique E.g. [141] A further risk is presented by ballast water discharge by ships, especially tankers. Further on to the south, the sea floor rises to 780 metres (2,560 ft) to form the Otranto Sill at the boundary to the Ionian Sea. [203] The Adriatic Sea was a minor theatre in the Napoleonic Wars; the Adriatic campaign of 1807–1814 involved the British Royal Navy contesting the Adriatic's control by the combined navies of France, Italy and the Kingdom of Naples. [86][87], There are alternations of maritime and alluvial sediments occurring in the Po Valley, at the Adriatic's north-west coast, and as far west as Piacenza, dating to the Pleistocene as the sea advanced and receded over the valley. [172] When the Western Empire fell in 476 AD Ravenna became the capital of the Ostrogothic Kingdom of Italy. [116] The Torre Guaceto protected area, located near Brindisi and Carovigno, covers a sea surface of 2,227 hectares (5,500 acres) and is adjacent to the Torre Guaceto State Reserve covering 1,114 hectares (2,750 acres) of coast and sharing an 8-kilometre (5.0 mi) coastline with the marine protected area. Les troupes de touristes sont moins nombreuses, ce qui favorise le farniente sur les plages ensoleillées et les baignades en toute quiétude à Bari, Venise, Trieste, Split et Dubrovnik. The marine protected area covers 48 square kilometres (19 sq mi). Andrea Di Matteo "Santa Croce, 1954: ultima grande pescata di tonni", Il Piccolo, 23. [31], The coastal water dynamics are determined by the asymmetric coasts and the inflow of the Mediterranean seawater through the Straits of Otranto and further on along the eastern coast. ESE EES. The Adriatic Euroregion consists of 23 members: the Apulia, Molise, Abruzzo, Marche, Emilia-Romagna, Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia regions of Italy; the municipality of Izola in Slovenia; the Istria, Primorje-Gorski Kotar, Lika-Senj, Zadar, Šibenik-Knin, Split-Dalmatia and Dubrovnik-Neretva counties of Croatia; the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton of Bosnia–Herzegovina; the municipalities of Kotor and Tivat in Montenegro; the Fier, Vlorë, Tirana, Shkodër, Durrës and Lezhë counties of Albania; and the Greek prefectures of Thesprotia and Corfu. The Adriatic Sea sits on the Apulian or Adriatic Microplate, which separated from the African Plate in the Mesozoic era. [54] The Adriatic's salinity variation over the year is likewise distinct:[51] it ranges between 38 and 39 PSUs. la mer Adriatique; iii) la mer Ionienne et la mer Méditerranée centrale; iv) la mer Égée-mer Levantine. [26] The northern shore of the Greek island of Corfu also lies in the Adriatic Sea as defined by the IHO. [191] The 15th and the 16th centuries brought about the Byzantine Empire's destruction in 1453 and the Ottoman Empire's expansion that reached Adriatic shores in present-day Albania and Montenegro as well as the immediate hinterland of the Dalmatian coast,[192][193] defeating the Hungarian and Croatian armies at Krbava in 1493 and Mohács in 1526. This circulation has significantly contributed to the biodiversity of the countries along the eastern Adriatic coast; the common bottlenose dolphin is frequent in the eastern coast's waters only, and the Croatian coast provides refuge for the critically endangered monk seal and sea turtles. La mer, dans la lagune de Venise, mais aussi dans les côtes de l'Adriatique du nord (voir Jesolo), est assez chaude pour la baignade en juillet et en août, lorsque la température de l'eau atteint 25/26 °C, alors qu'elle est encore un peu fraîche en juin. Other translations. Les périodes les plus chaudes se produisent quand le vent souffle du sud, car l'effet modérateur de la mer disparaît : dans ces cas, la température peut atteindre 35/37 °C. During much of the 12th and 13th centuries, Venice and the Republic of Genoa were engaged in warfare culminating in the War of Chioggia, ousting the Genoese from the Adriatic. © Des Clics Nomades/ 2015-2020 - Tous droits réservés. [33] The coastal currents on the opposite shore are far more complex owing to the jagged shoreline, several large islands and the proximity of the Dinaric Alps to the shore. [176], The last part of the period saw the rise of the Carolingian Empire and then the Frankish Kingdom of Italy, which controlled the Adriatic Sea's western coast,[177] while Byzantine Dalmatia on the east coast gradually shrunk following the Avar and Croatian invasions starting in the 7th century. The names for the sea in the languages of the surrounding countries include Albanian: Deti Adriatik; Emilian: Mèr Adriatic; Friulian: Mâr Adriatic; Greek: Αδριατική θάλασσα – Adriatikí thálassa; Istro Romanian: Marea Adriatică; Italian: Mare Adriatico; Serbo-Croatian: Jadransko more, Јадранско море; Slovene: Jadransko morje; Venetian: Mar Adriàtico. La température de la mer la plus basse relevée ce mois-ci est de 22.1°C et la plus haute est de 28.3°C. [155], Settlements along the Adriatic dating to between 6100 and 5900 BC appear in Albania and Dalmatia on the eastern coast, related to the Cardium pottery culture. Au printemps, la température de la mer grimpe à 20°C pour atteindre son maximum à 26°C en été. [199] In 1797, the Republic of Venice was abolished after the French conquest. [189] Still, the 1381 Treaty of Turin that ended the war required Venice to renounce claims to Dalmatia, after losing the territory to Hungary in 1358.