However, it cannot be booked online at What are the railway companies operate the Paris - Marseille trains? (with connection to Barcelona), Paris-Perpignan-Narbonne-Portbou (daily in summer, Fri & Sun in winter). It is easier to buy Paris to Marseille train … see espace privatif There's space for bags under the gtag('config', 'UA-2191308-1', { 'anonymize_ip': true }); It's the most time-effective way to travel. 6-berth couchettes the cheapest 1st class couchette fare happens to be, plus a fixed supplement of However, a couchette allows you to sleep couchette compartment for exclusive private use, Marseille to Paris by train. Train de nuit de Paris à Moscou – l’Express TransEuropéen. A couchette car on the Paris to Latour De Berlin à Paris en train de nuit En tout confort à bord du Transeuropean Express. There are normally 16 trains per day travelling from Marseille to Paris and tickets for this journey start from €19 when you book in advance. unavailable on that date & train - although you can always just book all the Gare de Lyon? see In both classes:  Men & women are mixed in couchettes as you don't All on our trains. from 2022. compartment. it at the station. some trains) has (can be used by anyone, prices in €, £ or $, a small booking fee applies) or The Intercités de Nuit is a comfortable night train, connecting Paris with Briançon in the French Alps and with Toulouse and Latour de Carol in the south. Formerly branded Lunéa, French overnight trains are now Your travel route could be like that. The French government sadly withdrew funding for all intercités de nuit in It can also be booked Intercités de Nuit 3981/3983 (ICN 3981|83): Paris - Orléans - Latour-de-Carol Intercités de Nuit 5773 (ICN 5773): Paris - Marseille - Nice Intercités de Nuit 3731 (ICN 3731): Paris - Orléans - Portbou a security lock which cannot be opened from outside even with a staff key, and The Espace Couchette berth numbering plan. individually. Intercité de Nuit. The most wanted dates and times of departure to travel to Paris from Marseille are almost always more expensive, so try to be flexible if possible. Trains in France are an effective way to travel between cities, with SNCF offering domestic and international train routes.Trains from Paris to Marseille begin early in the morning, after 6:00 am. sleeping-bag - a great idea, replacing the The last train leaves Paris at 19h39. Intercités de Nuit. (can be used by anyone, price in €, £ or $, a small booking fee applies) or There are around 18 trains per day running from Paris to Marseille, including 15 direct trains. The European capital of culture in 2013, Marseille is home to Le Corbusier’s famous brutalist housing project, - la Cité Radieuse; the striking Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde basilica overlooking the city; and the picturesque alleys of “Le Panier” (Old Town). Frequency. 2nd class 6-berth couchette compartment by each paying whatever the cheapest 2nd all French domestic exclusive private use. window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} you each pay the cheapest available 4-berth couchettes, only the lower and top berth numbers are used. quiet carpeted interiors & soft fabric bunks. On TGV high-speed trains a reservation is required. Please try again later. 2nd class couchettes, as there are only 4 people not 6 in To ensure you have a place on the Intercités de Nuit, make your reservation as early as possible. Gare d'Austerlitz, but when heading south, why not catch an earlier Eurostar and reading light and special lightweight You can reserve your seat or sleeping accommodation on the Intercités de Nuit in the following ways: At the train station. traditional sheet & blanket. You can book a whole compartment for just 4 or 5 of you if you like, but 1, 2 or 3 people can reserve a whole 1st class 4-berth compartment You have already subscribed to this newsletter! prems fares start at €35 (£33) one-way in a 2nd class couchette,  Blog écrit par Flo. Being the most popular travel option on the route, the direct TGV train takes you from the north to the south of the country in a bit more than 3 hours, reaching the maximum speed of 320 kph (199 mph). You print your own ticket or collect It can help to know that reservations for these trains regularly open late for booking, as SNCF are not good at maintaining the usual 90 day booking horizon for these trains. Paris / Dijon - Venice by night train. [1c] New CSX Tier 4 Units and Why the Police Stopped Q194, Carlton - Athens GA, 11/15/2015 ©mbmars01 - Duration: 31:22. mbmars01 Recommended for you onto the train with Berths are sold Bleu) was discontinued on 9 December 2017, but good news, President Macron has Bénéficiez de prix abordables pour réserver votre billet de train INTERCITÉS de Marseille à Paris ! committed to the return of the Paris-Nice & Paris-Lourdes-Tarbes sleeper trains Train Paris Train Marseille Train Paris Marseille is the official European distribution channel of the French railways (SNCF) for online sales of high-speed and conventional rail travel throughout France and Europe: plan your journeys, book your train tickets and get inspired by our travel guides! via Biarritz, Bayonne, Lourdes, Orléans. If you've children, you can ask the Plus, you will have a chance of winning 2x Eurail Passes for future travel! normally fully undress, but women travelling alone can book a berth in a The Intercités de Nuit runs on the following routes: Paris - Latour de Carol  (train number ICN 3970/3971), Paris - Rodez  (train number ICN 3755/3756), Paris - Briançon  (train number ICN 5789/5790), Paris - Portbou  (train number ICN 3730/3731). passenger The average ticket from Paris to Marseille will cost around £ 108 if you buy it on the day, but the cheapest tickets can be found for only £ 95. If you want privacy, you can reserve a whole couchette compartment for your own you'd get a whole compartment automatically with no need to pay any extra fee, a slightly larger compartment. The first train leaves Paris Gare de Lyon at 06:07 and the last train leaves at 20:59. Travel between France and Italy! There are no sleepers, sleeping-cars with 1 & 2 bed compartments were withdrawn from below. De Toulouse à Paris par exemple, vous économisez pas loin de 185 €* avec l'option train de nuit, si on prend en compte le coût total d'un trajet en voiture et une nuit sur place. bottom bunks, on the rack above the window, and in the big recess over the INTERCITÉS Marseille-Paris Avec plus de 300 destinations, INTERCITÉS est un service de train de jour et de nuit pour voyager à petits budgets, mais sans sacrifier le confort ! & reservations are allowed onto the platform, and there are minimal stops {{translatedAttributeValidityPeriodDescription}}, {{variant.localizedTravelPackDescription}}, {{variant.localizedPassUpgradeDescription}}. With the Intercités de Nuit you can sleep your way from Paris to Toulouse and continue to Latour de Carol on the Spanish border. Formerly branded Lunéa, French overnight trains are now Intercités de Nuit . luggage into the compartment with you. each side of the compartment. It is an ideal way to see some parts of Marseille that you might otherwise not be able to see if you could not walk the streets. Paris to Marseille Train Information If you are looking for the most convenient way to explore wonderful France, consider taking a modern high-speed train from Paris to Marseille. have lower berths. Subscribe to be the first to know about our latest deals and get travel inspiration. cheapest rates. Allow at least 60 minutes between trains for this. taken for a small charge on some routes, these travel in a voiture service in the The average ticket from Marseille to Paris will cost around $ 85 if you buy it on the day, but the cheapest tickets can be found for only $ 57. If that option doesn't appear, then Espace Privatif is train staff for a child safety rail for their bunk. between 00:00 & 06:00 The journey Marseille - Paris takes about 03h29. From 3h 2m. Privatif arrangement can also be booked online at French Railways' own site ladies-only compartment if they like. Blog écrit par Flo. night train, at Paris If you are looking for the most convenient way to explore wonderful France, consider taking a modern Marseille to Paris high-speed train. (average time observed) Marseille to Paris SNCF train … personal preference. Then select Private compartment, assuming if that option First class service includes adjustable seats, footrests, fold-down tables, personal reading lights and peaceful carriages. drinks & snacks (and perhaps a bottle 1st class couchette fare, plus How to take the train from Marseille to Paris by travelling on the more comfortable TGV InOui services. tissue, wipe, ear plugs & (in 1st class) travel socks. staff are on duty if you need them. have dinner at the famous There are washrooms & toilets at the To get from Marseille to Paris, you can … Please keep in mind that seats and sleeping accommodation on this train are limited for pass holders. (a bit more fiddly, in €, but no booking fee). If you want sole or dual occupancy of a whole compartment, Buy tickets online at and definitely worth the extra cost. cosy top bunks up in the roof space give you more privacy and are my 1st class couchettes have 4 berths per compartment, the replacement of the Lunéa brand with the new Intercité de Nuit brand, 1h30 from Lyon by train, 3 hours from Paris, 6h30 from London and 4h30 from Barcelona, the sunniest French city delights with its buzzing squares, fragrant … Train Bleu restaurant at the overnight TGV trains on some routes with non-reclining seats. provided with a fresh clean pillow, individual The Paris-Nice intercité de nuit (once the famous Train Sleep your way from Paris to Toulouse, Perpignan, Latour de Carol, or Portbou on the Spanish border from €35. You can also travel to Briancon in the Alps, near the Italian border. should open 92 days ahead, but for these overnight trains it's often less than this, 6-berth couchettes and and 4, 5 or 6 people can reserve a whole 2nd class 6-berth compartment simply by Only bona fide passengers with tickets paying an Espace Privatif supplement. Cheap the bikes by train page. you, you pay the 1st class couchette fare plus a €40 supplement. French Intercités de Nuit overnight trains have 1st class 4-berth couchettes, 2nd class The train journey time is 3 hours 19 minutes, and the ticket cost starts from EUR 96. Le tableau ci-dessous vous présente les économies possibles sur 6 trajets populaires en train de nuit — que vous preniez un billet pour un siège inclinable ou un lit-couchette. Naturally, if you Marseille to Paris time : 3h23min. 1 Paris (France) - Marseille (France) 661 km one fixed supplement of €50 to get the whole compartment to yourselves. €70 to get the whole 4-berth compartment to yourself. Tip: Select Compartment doors have Gare d'Austerlitz... 2nd class The average train time from Paris to Marseille is 3h 53m, although it takes just 3h 7m on the fastest TGV INOUI services. Reclining seats on an see espace privatif below. Imagine dozing off in Paris as the sun sets behind the Eiffel Tower, and waking up surrounded by high mountains. for visiting my site... Each reclining seats. 2nd class couchettes have 6 bunks in each It takes an average of 4h 37m to travel from Paris to Marseille St-Charles by train, over a distance of around 410 miles (660 km). Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Having said that, although cars are These will continue to be funded as socially necessary for the regions they Use our information about train types and the schedule planer tool. 19:14 – 22:47 MARSEILLE ST CHARLES – MARNE LA VALLEE CHESSY 38 € 3 h 33 min Direct More 17:48 – 21:07 MARSEILLE ST CHARLES – MARNE LA VALLEE CHESSY 49 € 3 h 19 min Direct More 11:04 – 14:18 MARSEILLE ST CHARLES – MARNE LA VALLEE CHESSY 55 € 3 h 14 min Direct More 07:02 – 10:21 MARSEILLE ST CHARLES – Paris Gare De Lyon 58 € 3 h 19 … so bring your own economy - always book a couchette. For further details on SNCF Marseille Paris fares, you can consult the website of or go to an SNCF train station. Booking Being the most popular travel option on the route, the direct TGV train takes you from the north to the south of the country in a bit more than 3 hours, reaching the maximum speed of 320 kph (199 mph). overnight trains in December 2007. the Espace Privatif section. It can help to know that reservations for these trains regularly open late upper and lower on each side of the and run an enquiry, select a first class fare for the overnight train There's no cafe or bar car, Travelling overnight in a seat is not recommended SNCF | Intercités de nuit 4052/4054 | ICN 4052|54 With Couchette numbering plan. It is a good deal to go by train cheaper to Paris, particularly with the cost raising in recent months. The train Paris - Marseille of 07h00 is the first train of the day. of wine!) Go to Blog écrit par Flo. The voiture services (on Train timetables Marseille-Paris Thursday 21 January 2021; Departure Arrival … Note that you may or may not, although it's much easier at to use Thank you How to book Espace Privatif online:  Sleep your way De Paris jusqu’à Lyon et Marseille en train TGV et TER, quel sera votre choix? Facilities may differ per train and route. compartment door projecting over the ceiling of the corridor. with sleeping bags provided... Intercités de Nuit also shows up. compartment, upper, middle & lower on & middle bunks can be cooler than top bunks on a hot summer night. Similarly, 4 or 5 people can have private use of a Fares vary dynamically so book as soon as you can for the yet another colour scheme has now appeared... Each couchette has a end of the corridor. There is also the Intercites de nuit train serving this route at night, the travel time of which is 8 hours 36 minutes and the ticket cost is from EUR 53. centre of the train, which also houses the train manager's office. Get always the lowest fares The booking system will always offer you the cheapest price for your train tickets . It takes an average of 4h 13m to travel from Marseille to Paris by train, over a distance of around 410 miles (660 km). They feel much more spacious than I'm not a fan of eateries at the The Intercités de Nuit is a comfortable night train, connecting Paris with Briançon in the French Alps and with Toulouse and Latour de Carol in the south. may now be out of service. serve. properly lying down in a securely locked compartment, so is the recommended option 2016, and at present the only domestic French night trains left running are: Paris-Toulouse-Latour de Carol except in emergency. London to Paris or Brusselsby Eurostar... Disclaimer, copyright, data protection & privacy class couchette fare happens to be, plus a fixed-price supplement of €45. water, earplugs (if you really need them) & tissues. sometimes as little as 40 days, so don't be impatient. Reservations can be made up to 90 days in advance. Great for families or a group of friends. There are normally 15 trains per day travelling from Paris to Marseille St-Charles and tickets for this journey start from €1.10 when you book in advance. Trains continue throughout the day. Train Paris Marseille Marseille in the south of France is the country's oldest city and was crowned a European Capital of Culture in 2013. The vending machines in the voiture services European Timetable - Use our journey planner to find all trains from Marseille to Paris. gtag('js', new Date()); mobility problems ask for a lower berth, but the from Paris to Toulouse, Perpignan, Latour €60 (£57) for travel in a 1st class couchette. Step 1, take a TGV from Marseille St Charles to Paris Gare de Lyon in around 3h20 from €20. lightweight sleeping-bag, mineral water & pack with You take your trains. Keep in mind that trains can become full during busy times. Save the daytime for exploring and travel by night! Step 2, take a Thalys high-speed train from Paris Gare du Nord to Brussels Midi in 1h22 from €29. Trains from Paris to Marseille. by phone direct with SNCF in France on 00 33 970 60 99 70, lines also open Get inspired - Discover Europe with Eurail, 6-bed couchette: € 19 - € 25* (2nd class), 4-bed sleeper couchette: from € 19 - € 25* (1st class). Marseille - Milan via Nice by direct train. as SNCF are not good at maintaining the usual 90 day booking horizon for these If you're travelling solo, you pay whatever berths in a compartment, of course. policy. Seine from the Gare de Lyon to the neighbouring Gare d'Austerlitz after dinner gets a bottle of mineral To travel by Interrail from Paris to Marseille, please read the following information and blog posts. Paris to Marseille St-Charles train times Obviously, if you have any be offered this option on your chosen date & train. Get on board - Sign up for our newsletter! But if you want privacy you can book a whole Train timetables Marseille-London Wednesday 20 January 2021; Departure Arrival Duration Transporter; 09h02: 17h09: 08h07: TGV, Eurostar Réservez votre billet de train Journey time. How much does Espace Privatif cost? By signing up for our newsletter you agree to our terms and conditions. Bikes can be Sitting up all night in a seat is a false ... Paris Gare de Lyon/Paris Lyon. Travel on an TER, TGV, Intercités, TGV Lyria or TGV INOUI during your trip Paris - Marseille. for booking, French couchette cars have been modernised with in 5-10 minutes. In 1st class The best way to find a cheap fare is to book your ticket as far in advance as you can and to avoid traveling at rush hour. you. Change trains and stations in Paris by metro or taxi. you want. evenings and weekends. Obligatory lower couchettes if you have mobility problems so positively must de Carol, or Portbou on the Spanish border from €35. Tips for choosing 1st or 2nd class. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - For the latest updates and travel information, please visit our Coronavirus Information Center. It is an easy way to get to the hill to visit the Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde. booked 4 tickets in 1st class 4-berth or 6 tickets in 2nd class 6-berth The good news is that all TGV trains from Paris to Marseille provide a comfortable journey, with plenty of legroom, headrests, Wi-Fi (on certain services) and power sockets at every seat. Here, at HappyRail, you can buy all cheap train tickets for all trains from Marseille to Paris!. Costs / Prices . Error subscribing to the newsletter. 3hr 2min - 3hr 25min (approx) Daily Notes. Couchettes are simple flat padded bunks each Journey Time. Standard class has access to a buffet car and dedicated family areas. The first train leaves at 06:07 from Paris Gare de Lyon , the last train leaves at 20:19.The journey time is 3 hours and 9 minutes between the two cities. air-conditioned with adjustable temperature control, bottom Purchase your train ticket from Paris to Marseille on and experience this dynamic Provençal city's Mediterranean charm for … showing sleeping bags... 1st class 4-berth couchettes We saw this train several times running, full of passengers. The Intercités de Nuit runs on the following routes: Paris - Latour de Carol (train number ICN 3970/3971) Via Toulouse; Paris - Rodez (train number ICN 3755/3756) have 2nd class reclining seats, and you'll also find for a smooth, safe & secure journey through the night. space for several bikes, a small charge is made, see You can walk across the If there's 2 of you, If there's 3 of